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Bespoke Joinery Team for Dressing Room

Dressing Room Interior Design and joinery Solution

Antonovich Group is a leading luxury design firm that specializes in creating exquisite interiors for homes, hotels, and other commercial spaces. Their expertise in dressing room interior design and joinery solutions is unparalleled, and they have worked with clients around the world to create customized and personalized dressing room spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

Custom-Made Joinery

One of the hallmarks of Antonovich Group's approach to dressing room design is their use of custom-made joinery solutions. Their team of expert craftsmen and designers work closely with clients to create bespoke wardrobes, shelves, drawers, and other storage solutions that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences. They use high-quality materials and finishes to create durable and long-lasting joinery pieces that fit seamlessly into the space and enhance the overall design.


Lighting is another crucial element of any dressing room design, and Antonovich Group pays close attention to creating a lighting scheme that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They often use a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a layered effect that highlights different areas of the room and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. They also use lighting to highlight architectural details, artwork, and other decorative elements in the space.


Mirrors are essential in any dressing room design, and Antonovich Group uses them to create a sense of space and to allow clients to see themselves from different angles. They often include full-length mirrors, wall-mounted mirrors, and mirrors with integrated lighting to enhance the room's overall design and functionality. They also pay attention to the placement and size of mirrors to create a balanced and visually appealing look.


Seating is another important element of a dressing room design, and Antonovich Group often includes comfortable and stylish chairs, stools, and benches in their designs. These seating solutions are not only practical for getting dressed and putting on shoes but also serve as decorative accents that add texture, color, and personality to the space. They also pay attention to the placement and scale of seating to create a harmonious and inviting look.

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