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Sometimes the interior of a simple dressing room can become a favorite place in the house. Especially when it comes to the dressing room for the female. In this project, studio designers Luxury Antonovich Design have created a luxurious oasis for the storage of belongings of the owner of a large house. According to the project, there is enough space for the dressing room and we organized it in such a way as to store things, to choose clothes and to change clothes was absolutely comfortable. In general, the interior of the dressing room continues the concept of the interior of the whole house. Here there is a splendor of classics with accents of art deco. Since the dressing room is not a very large space, the white color in the palette of shades is ideally suited here. With its help, both with the help of mirrors and lighting, interior designers visually increase space. The highlight of the interior was a beautiful insular design for storing jewelry and small accessories. Two semi-circular padded stools are attached to it, on which, with comfort, you can slowly try on shoes. The floor is completely covered with a natural carpet with a classic ornament. Part of the dressing room was the boudoir with a large mirror in the carved frame. All the wardrobes in the dressing room are made of natural wood, which is pearly white. The furniture is decorated with carved decor with gilding. The shine of the beauty of the dressing room interior complemented by room mirrors with beautiful overhead ornaments. The height of the ceiling is sufficient to use traditional decor in the form of curls of stucco molding and a beautiful crystal chandelier.

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