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Antonovich Group is very well known internationally as the top provider of Royal Style and Luxury Interior Design. In this article, Antonovich Group has shared one of its Riyal Style interior design creations for the dressing room. Every Dressing rooms are a luxurious addition to a bedroom and are at the top of many peoples dream home lists—and rightly so. They can add value to your home, make daily life easier, reduce clutter, and provide you with your own space to display and organize your belongings. Are you one of those people who wants the perfect walk-in closet but doesnt know where to begin? Dont worry, this blog post will walk you through everything you need to think about when designing the ideal dressing room for your tastes, lifestyle, and space.

Youve decided to have a walk-in closet, so now you must decide where it will be located. If you have the space and are fortunate enough to already have a smaller room next to or near your master bedroom, this would be an excellent location for your walk-in dressing room. This means it can be kept separate from your bedroom, saving you money and freeing up floor space in your master bedroom. If youre not afraid of renovations or had planned to do so anyway, blocking access to your box room from the hallway and opening up the wall that connects it to your bedroom will provide practical access while also making your bedroom feel larger.


Dont be discouraged if you dont have enough space for a separate dressing room—simple its to replicate the look of a walk-in dressing room on a long run of the wall or in an alcove in your bedroom. This area can be divided with a stud partition wall or a curtain, allowing your wardrobes to remain hidden despite being in the same room. If you decided from the start that your dressing room would be used for more than just storing your clothes, you will need to design it accordingly. For example, if you intend to use the space for hair and makeup, an integrated dressing table could be a great addition. Its also a good idea to consider electrical outlets if you need to plug in a hairdryer and straighteners.

Other useful features include a full-length mirror (unless you have mirrored doors on your wardrobes) and an ottoman or seating area for trying on shoes/laying out clothes for the morning.

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