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Chic dressing room in Luxury Design

Antonovich Group has been the most professional and trusted in terms of all sorts of joinery works, including dressing room interior design, as the top fit-out business in Dubai. Our in-house joinery team has made development and design execution very straightforward for any house design that demands an exceptional arrangement of joinery works. Antonovich Group is delighted to offer one of its most recent works in luxury dressing decor, which was part of the teams recent premium house design project.

It takes some ingenuity to create a large walk-in closet that offers more than simply storage space. What walk-in closet design ideas will yield the best results? Your degree of comfort in your new environment is equally crucial, so which walk-in closet design ideas can help you get the greatest results? When planning your home renovation project, learn the fundamentals and which walk-in closet design ideas should be considered. One of the most important design elements to consider in your walk-in closet is the storage layout.

Whether you choose built-in shelves, colorful baskets, or transparent storage containers, make sure your accessories are easy to find. To exhibit your shoes, use a shoe rack or tension rods on the floor of your closet. Keeping your shoe rack beneath your hanging products maximizes storage space in your walk-in closet while saving money on Dubai luxury furniture offers. Open shelves may also be utilized to exhibit your favorite hats, handbags, and jewelry if you have enough space. Hooks are an excellent method to incorporate storage into the back of a door or a blank wall. Scarves and belts can also be wrapped around a hook for quick access and additional hanging space.

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