An excellently finished restaurant interior design is essential, to fully reflect the proceedings and significance of the atmosphere. This boils down to the fact that aside excellent customer services, a well-chosen and classic style has a positive influence on the visitors appetite and frequent visitation.

The processes involved in an excellently finished design involves; the convenient layout of facilities for visitors and staffs, unique and authentic solutions; which will be the basis for the development of a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. These excellent works is better entrusted to a team of professionals.

Classification of restaurants

Depending on the concept, there is a special classification of restaurants:

  • Classic restaurant with European cuisine and an extensive wine list.
  • Themed restaurant with national cuisine: Original menu and a foreign chef, designed for a wide range of audience.
  • Club-restaurant with fusion cuisine: Focuses on a certain circle of regulars who have a club card.
  • Wine restaurant with national cuisine and wine bar. Assumes the presence of wineries and professional sommeliers.
  • Beer restaurant with fusion cuisine and a drink bar with its own brewery. The most democratic and therefore a promising variant.
  • A quick-service fast food restaurant.

The interior design of the restaurant in terms of style is not tied uniquely to the above-mentioned conceptual classification, but the overall patterns are clear.

Professional restaurant design services

An excellent restaurant design in Dubai requires the services of professionals. The team of experts at Antonovicg can uniquely create that cozy environment you desire.