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Restaurants Design Dubai

Restaurant Design Dubai perfectly reflects the concept of a respectable and fashionable places. Interior design studio Dubai always offers exclusive interior design in any style and for different purposes. Restaurants Design is a separate important direction of the studio. A special feature of each restaurant project is that the main focus in the luxurious interior becomes a sense of celebration. And it's a great festive mood is supplemented by soft touches of comfort and warmth. Restaurant Design Dubai is in classical style. Interior designers skillfully arranged spacious place with a dome roof on the top floor of the luxury hotel in Dubai. The dome roof around the perimeter is outlined with a wide molding with a wave curls of stucco decoration. In the center of the dome there is a massive chandelier in classical style. Dome subtly and gracefully defines the boundary of the banquet hall. Floors design in each interior design project Dubai is a masterpiece of design art, based on the talent and imagination of authors, as well as the latest technology trends. Floors design elegantly participates in zoning of the interior space of the restaurant. On the floor of the banquet hall borders are represented with large carvings with exquisite curls. To enhance the luster of luxury and a festive mood, interior designers Dubai complement lighting with a variety of crystal chandeliers that are placed around the perimeter of the ceiling. In walls decoration in the best traditions of classics there are bas-reliefs, carved decoration, luxury silk wallpaper and pilasters.

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