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Restaurant interior design LA


The restaurant is a place with a unique atmosphere. People visit it to relax and enjoy delicious and beautifully served food, to celebrate an important event. Restaurant design is one of the most important elements that creates this atmosphere. The design of the restaurant from Luxury Antonovich Design corresponds to the unique spirit of the place. It is ergonomic and conceptual, emphasizing the feature of a particular place. The interior design of this restaurant is dominated by natural materials and light classical motifs. Impeccable fit-out and chic decor, tasteful interior — there should be an original idea in everything, which will distinguish the restaurant by Luxury Antonovich Design from a number of others.

The modern design of the restaurant involves the use of more common in the present styles of interior design. Minimalism is very popular — the minimum of decor, the maximum of free space, quiet tones. Art Deco, hi-tech and loft are also widely used. The project design of the restaurant by Luxury Antonovich Design includes not only the development of an interesting design, but also enough equally important factors. Like, for example, the distribution of free space into zones, because a restaurant is not only a guest hall, but many other equally important premises.


The elite restaurant design from Luxury Antonovich Design has an expensive decoration and the highest quality repair. The exclusiveness of the interior of the restaurant, developed by our designers, is always designer furniture and a magnificent, smart layout. Our architects are actively using traditional classical materials: wood, leather, stone. To the restrained natural palette we have added a bright element in the choice of furniture. Spectacular natural textures in the decoration are harmoniously combined with furniture of various shades — from beige to gold decor, green and blue.

At the disposal of our architects was a compact space located in the beautiful city of LA. Our team with progressive views, innovative thinking and a passion for beauty did their job perfectly. The result is an elegant image, devoid of any pretentiousness. Wanting to fill the interior with a feeling of comfort, intimacy and friendliness, our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design actively used wooden elements (wall panels, tables and other details) and warm colors.

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