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Exclusive Restaurant Interior Design

The interior design of the restaurant in the UAE is based on national traditions. Interior designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design choose Moroccan style as the basis for the design of the restaurant project. These oriental notes entirely reflect the very concept of the restaurant and the national cuisine that will be offered here. Interior designers Dubai very good planned the space. Near the windows, there are separate cabins with panels of natural wood with carved oriental patterns. The center of the restaurants hall can comfortably accommodate 24 visitors. Separate premises are allocated for smoking hookah. Interior designers Dubai UAE used the oriental style in almost every detail. So, floors of natural marble were decorated with large east ornaments. Thanks to modern technology, in the decoration of floors you can combine materials such as marble and glass. In this version, at the center of each pattern, there is a glass insert with a blue backlight. It is the new developments in the field of material processing that help interior designers today can realize almost any idea. Lighting the interior of the restaurant is provided by traditional oriental chandeliers and an additional LED lighting in the ceiling decoration. The interior of the restaurant looks harmonious due to successful design solutions. So the decorative patterns on the ceiling almost repeat the patterns on the marble floor. To make the interior cozy and more romantic, Dubai interior designers UAE offered decorative panels from natural wood with carved oriental ornaments for the decor of the walls. The interior has a non-trivial charm of the holiday, romance, and refinement. Its attractive beauty will serve as an additional way of attracting visitors along with exquisite cuisine.

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