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Holiday restaurant

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A lot of people love the combination of brown and teal to their interior because of its classy yet sophisticated feel. In this gorgeous interior design by Luxury Antonovich Design, we run down the best brown and teal combination into something spectacular and luxurious. This goes from the ceiling to the flooring where every detail is put into much consideration. To start, the chandeliers in this restaurant are glamorous. The parallel patterns of it are outstanding with shapes that go from round to squares. The chandeliers are a first in any interior design of a restaurant. It is never before seen in any theme and we are proud to execute it properly. The other side of the room shows chandeliers in a circle shape bringing so much class and elegance to the interior design. The walls are superb with patterns that are horizontal. The huge window is top-notch. You can overlook the city from your amazing dinner table. The curtains are minimalist to give attention to the overall look of the restaurant. The food servings are also functional and not cluttered in position. The placement of everything is well-planned and detailed. The restaurant shows several chairs and sofa where customers can enjoy and relax to whatever comfort they want. If you are feeling kind of blue, you can choose the long table to have a bigger space. The interior is not to be ignored because every detail is reviewed. The tables are also minimalist with its amazing glass feature.


The shades of the divider compliment enormously on the general look and feel of the restaurant. It is all around painted and can undoubtedly see as a standout amongst the best hues to join in restaurant interior. You will love the assortment in its plan on account of its wonder and indulgence. The restaurant has pleasant lighting, you will without a doubt love this light arranging Luxury Antonovich Design fused to give your nourishment the feeling it merits. When we state we run hard and fast with our plans, we certainly mean it since this design is radiant all alone. You can judge by its structure that it is made with so much enthusiasm thus much vitality. The details configuration are completely dazzling. It runs exceptionally well. With tiles like these, you would give a second look on the off chance that you need to venture on it! Its smooth plan collaborated with line outskirts gives such incredible expansion to the restaurant. You are sure to love this restaurant design because of its overall style and planning!

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