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Best Interior design Dubai in Royal Style

A luxurious interior story is about this bedroom design project. This story has its epilogue, a beautiful culmination, and an interesting ending. The story begins with a small space with a boudoir near a large panoramic window. The location of the bedroom on the first floor of an elite modern villa, as well as a large area, allocated for, opened up a big opportunity for creativity the designers. Window in the interior of the bedroom became a pretty vivid accent. Dark color frames and luxurious curtains made of monochrome silk of turquoise hue contribute to this. This shade is particularly bright and juicy against the background of a light pastel palette of walls. Curtains are combined with silk of a cream shade. Exquisite boudoir table with a high mirror became a reflection of the mistress dream of this bedroom. The walls are covered with decorative plaster in cream tones. Graceful stucco, pilasters and gilding accents enhance the splendor of the interior luxury. Interior designers offered to decorate decor panels with beautiful paintings of artists. With the decor of the walls, the design of the ceilings looks more vivid. With the help of niches, the authors of the project zoning the space of the bedroom. And with the help of elegant crystal chandeliers determine the centers of zones in the bedroom interior. The light marble on the floor shimmers and sparkles bringing the charm of luxury to the bedroom. And the culmination of the development of this interior story was a large luxurious bed with an interesting wall decoration behind its high soft headboard. The special technology of gilding creates a mirror effect.

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