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The world seeks absolute comfort. And often this absolute comfort we get thanks to the capabilities of modern technologies. Dreaming of a wonderful future, we often draw pictures, similar to this remarkable design of the modern cafe project. In a boiling metropolis, events are rapidly changing, life is filled with calls, deeds, meetings, trips and other moments. And it is so important sometimes to stop, take a breath, rest to gain energy for new achievements. And in that cafe, in our opinion, it is ideal to spend part of your day for tasty and beautiful rest. It is a kind of cosmically beautiful minimalism style, which adjusts to calm mood, relaxation and complete getaway from everyday problems. Here you will not find any unnecessary detail, everything in its place and everything is created for absolute comfort with intellectual overtones. The interior is dominated by a light gamut of shades with some accents. Perhaps, the most elegant and multifaceted in this design cafe project is the ceiling. It is decorated with niches with elegant outlines, which are decorated in such a way as to repeat visually the blue of the skies in clear weather. Thus, designers achieve a kind of round-the-clock sunny mood. In the decor of walls and floors, there is a natural white marble with natural pattern of light veins. To create the right accents in the interior for the work area, designers offered a dark brown palette of shades. The outline of the showcase with illumination brings notes of expression and dynamics to this beautiful interior of the cafe. commercial bar design ideas, commercial interior design companies, commercial interior design ideas

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