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Our service in Kenya

The specialists of the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design in Kenya - the experienced architects, who are able to create as soon as is practicable an architectural masterpiece which satisfies your requirements. An architectural design and development of the design space with us – it is quickly, reliably and efficiently.

The design studio Luxury Antonovich Design in Kenya offers:

  • Decisions about preliminary analysis of the design project
  • Analysis of the client`s architectural needs
  • Preparation of technical specifications for an architectural design
  • The concept of the design project
  • Draft architectural project of the design space: facades, entrances, interiors
  • Working design project for an architectural design: facades, entrances, interiors
  • Exclusive decoration of the interior design
  • Assistance in the selection of materials
  • Supervision over the implementation of the design project

The specialists of Luxury Antonovich Design in Kenya in the development of the design project will carry out:

Object measure of the architectural designing;
Developing a set of working drawings of the design project, including plans, sections and units;
Drawings of structural elements:

Wall elevation;

3-D visualization of interior design (entrance room, facade) and sketch perspectives of a design project;
The technical part of the project design including:

  • Engineering of the design project of the space planning;
  • Engineering of the design plans with the arrangement of light fixtures and switches in the interior;
  • Engineering of the design project with a plan of the placement of sockets;
  • Design plans for a design project with the arrangement of sanitary ware;
  • Floors and ceilings classification;
  • Engineering of the wall elevation, tile molding;
  • Engineering of doors, the materials that are used in the implementation of the design project;
  • Engineering of the design project with the furniture arrangement;

We offer an architectural engineering of the design of space on a turnkey basis - support at all stages of the design project.

Advantages of Luxury Antonovich Design in Kenya:

  • We always mainstream the tasks and goals of the client, not the creative ambitions. Our motto: Customer is always right!
  • We are not afraid of bold decisions in the design, if our client is ready for it.
  • Luxury Antonovich Design in Kenya is using the ideas, knowledge and experience in each implemented design project. We are proud of our work.
  • We can capture costs properly and an effectiveness of the implementation of our ideas, and perform a full range of related services.

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