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House plans in kenya

Almost every family dreams of owning their own home. The first step to this dream is to choose house plans in Kenya and the material for its construction. It is during the development of the project that all the main characteristics of the future house are determined: number of floors, area, availability of additional structural elements, etc.

House plans in Kenya include several sections, each of which contains calculations of certain parameters of the house, including communications, the layout of the house, quantity building materials, etc.

An important part of house plans in Kenya is the house plan showing the location, size, and purpose of the premises, the presence of partitions, windows, and doors. Also, from the plan, you can find out more information on the area of the premises, the material of the walls and the arrangement of sanitary ware.

The specifics of the development of house plans in Kenya

Architects make a lot of efforts to make the layout of the interior space of the house the most comfortable for living. When developing new projects, the needs of the whole family are carefully studied. There are usually two ways to create a layout.

In the first case, a plan is drawn up for the house, drawing with rooms, and a voluminous model of the future house is created on it, and in the second case, the prescribed volume of the house is taken, which is successively filled with the necessary premises.

The most common house plans in Kenya

From the correctness of calculations at the stage of designing and planning the house, the safety, reliability, and durability of the house directly depend. The planning phase involves creating the most compact and functional layout of the useful area of the house. Each part of house plans in Kenya is evaluated according to two coefficients, which show the ratio of residential and non-residential space.

All plans of the houses provide for the division into the front and rear facade of the house, which may be the same or differ in architectural style. The front entrance is located on the main facade, which should come out as close as possible to the road.Special attention deserves the planning of living rooms. Most living rooms have a rectangular shape.

There are several rules that must be observed in house plans in Kenya:

• Normal aspect ratio;

• With a rectangular shape of the room, the length should not be much greater than the width;

• The area of corridors should be minimal;

• There should be an optimal number of windows to ensure a sufficient level of illumination of all living premises;

• It is advisable to know in advance the furnishing plan in order to design a bedroom with a comfortable place for a sofa or a bed.

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