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Elegant Classic Bedroom interior design

Good bedroom interior design

The interiors in the classical style, created by the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio designers are attractive by their unique beauty. This is a new virtuoso work of the team, in which the city apartment has acquired an aristocratic gloss while remaining an island of joy, happiness, and warmth of home comfort. One of the bedrooms is decorated in a classic style with the observance of the best traditions. At the same time, studio designers always retain the principle of the uniqueness of the project.

The bedroom space has some elongated shape. The authors of the project use this moment to create a cozy and comfortable interior.

The interior is dominated by the light range of shades. Modern technologies for decorating floors and the ability to provide them with heating increasingly pushes designers to use natural marble in elite interiors. In this project, the bright surface of beautiful Italian marble is framed with exquisitely carved ornaments. The decor of the ceiling can be called the most interesting and rich idea in this room. The ceiling is decorated with a deep niche with illumination. Magnificent stucco decoration around the perimeter became an accent of the palace grandeur in the interior. A massive crystal chandelier fills the interior with beautiful reflections, and it is supplemented by spotlight ceiling lamps, thanks to which the elements of the stucco decor play additional chiaroscuro. The decor of the walls in the interior of the bedroom is rather laconic and democratic. The Bouaseri are filled with decorative plaster with the texture of velvet.

Thin lines with gilding make the height of the room visually higher.

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