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Beautiful interior design

The interior design of childrens rooms can be called one of the most interesting areas in the work.

After all, the world of childrens imagination is boundless. And in order to create a truly ideal living environment for the child, you must completely immerse yourself in these fantasies. In this project, Luxury Antonovich Design Studio interior designers took as a basis the modern style, which almost borders on minimalism. The interior was created for the eldest son of the owners of the apartment, who at the time was 13 years old. The project took into account the childs fascination with yachts and the sea. The interior of the childrens bedroom is dominated by a light range with relatively cool shades. A very interesting idea was suggested by designers for window decoration. Part of the window is curtained with curtains of noble blue silk. A part of the wall near the window is decorated with a stylish panel with a picture of a beautiful yacht. The panel along the entire perimeter is highlighted by modern illumination. To visually expand the space, interior designers use the decor of the walls. Bright plaster in muted gray tones is divided by lines, along with the entire length of the walls. Lighting plays a special role in the interior. The illumination of shelves and furniture makes them visually weightless, like floating in the air. The ceiling decor became the most romantic element of the decor in the childrens room. The niche is filled with a sky-blue element. Additional lighting creates a complete illusion of a blue haze on a good summer day.

The interior pleases the eye with its harmony and consistency of style. Such a room will contribute to the harmonious development of the child.

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