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Fascinating Garden Landscape Design

Everyone has his own idea about the ideal garden design. And the owners of land have a chance to realize it. And the size of the land does not matter - to create the garden design paradise can be and on a small site in the most unpredictable places.

Forming the relief of garden design

How to equip your site, where to place a green oasis for rest (in front of the house or in the backyard), each owner decides himself, based on his ideas about garden design paradise. Even between the concrete walls, under the stairs, on the flat roof of the house, creative-minded people manage to make the gorgeous garden design, where you can comfortably read a book or have a cup of tea with a friend.

The unevenness of the surface of the site and the presence of a difference in altitude allow creating a natural original landscape. Many-tiered flower beds will become a real highlight.

Sometimes, to equalize the surface, owners use the services of special equipment, but, most often, using the features of the relief, they organize unique compositions with the help of retaining walls and garden stairs.

The selection of flowers in garden design

The choice of garden plants is most often affected by the level and nature of natural lighting of the site. Depending on the abundance of natural light, you can select the flowers, bright kinds of which will please by a variety of shades.

Effective fence: bushes and creepers

Charming flower beds, original rockeries and rock gardens, a fluffy lawn can be called a real pride of the garden design. All this splendor highlighted with a quality and beautiful fence.

The most naturally in garden design looks a fence formed of the greenery. Beautiful climbing plants are able to quickly fill in the fence, easily hiding the garden from prying eyes.

Ponds and fountains in garden design

Perfectly complements the compositional harmony of the garden design is the presence of a water source in the garden. These can be natural ponds or artificial decorative ponds, small fountains or miniature streams. They built traditionally near the house or in a cozy recreation area.

Special attention when creating water structures should be given to the improvement of the territory on the border of water and land. Tiles, smooth stones, and wooden decking can be useful here.

Pavilions and terraces in garden design

Pavilions and terraces for recreation built in places with a beautiful view of the main house and the surrounding landscape.

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