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Building design

The concept of building design is extremely capacious because it includes a wide range of objects of designers efforts: from the interiors of public institutions) to the interiors of commercial real estate (from a flower shop to luxury hotel suites). In this case, building design is everything, it in itself is a product offered to the attention of a potential customer. For example, there is no greater variety of styles and interior concepts, from historical to exotic, than in hotels interiors designs.

The original building design is the success of any business.

Memorable building design - the key to the success of the activities of bars and clubs, from classic style to the style of techno - thats the range of designer activities in this area of business. But in the restaurant business, it is considered that the success of the establishment is created by the cuisine, although the original building design rather than the smells of the kitchen help to lure the client into the restaurant. The role of building design in luxury trading is rather big because boutiques compete with each other in the ability to attract the attention of a sophisticated client with a pronounced stylish interior of the store.

The goals and the importance of office design in various spheres of commercial activity are diverse. For example, success in the banking sector implies the existence of a solid office in the classical style, which is confirmed by the widespread acquisition by large banks of historic buildings for offices. This process is of benefit to banks, raising their prestige, and buildings that receive a worthy restoration within the limits permitted by law and decent care. The designer is not the last figure either in the process of restoration or in decorating the interiors of the mansions. Commercial firms engaged in trade and intermediary or technological activities, also try to decorate offices with some highlights, the stylishly designed office - evidence of business success. It is here that we meet the samples of office space in the ultramodern high-tech style.

Another matter - offices of state institutions. Citizens have to visit the public places of state institutions, regardless of whether they like the building design of the institution or not. For example, a citizen will visit (and maybe more than once) the office of a state institution and could spend a lot of time in it, regardless of whether the interior design pleases the eye. But this does not mean that in such institutions the designer has nothing to do. His goal is to create an environment in the office that facilitates the mobilization of employees and the increase in their work efficiency due to the redesign of the office system into an open office (a common room with segregation of workplaces with transparent partitions) and offer a competent coloring solution for decorating premises that can create a comfortable psychological environment for both employees, and for visitors.

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