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Luxury Interior design portfolio

The interior company Luxury Antonovich Design Studio specializes in the development of authors design projects for residential (apartments, houses, country residences) and public interiors (cafes, restaurants, shops, offices, etc.). Professional designers will perform any work on interior design and architectural planning: functional planning solutions, sketch ideas, style selection, authors supervision, photo realistic 3D-visualization of the interior, selection of materials, drawings, filling the interior with furniture, accessories, and others.

We will gladly make a design project in any style and character that is of interest to you. The project in interior design portfolio is provided in printed and electronic form (depending on the complexity and area of the project).

Examples of our works you can find in the interior design portfolio.

In the interior design portfolio, you can see the works and evaluate the level of our professionalism, see what kinds of styles, color solutions of interiors, non-standard interesting techniques in design.

With the help of interior design portfolio you will create the desired image, will get an understanding of how you can equip your house, decorate the living room or the kitchen, make the facade or garden paths, illuminate, how you can plan the space for each member of the family and much, much more. We will help you make your dreams come true and create an atmosphere of beauty and coziness for you!

What should pay attention to in interior design portfolio?

Designers, receive orders in Dubai, usually recommend customers to think about:

personal habits and preferences;

favorite colors;

general interior design concept.

Each person has some habits and characteristics that can be directly related to the interior. For example, drink tea or eat while sitting on the couch near the TV. For convenience in the interior, in this case, you should provide a table, on which you can put dishes.

Designer tricks in interior design portfolio

In addition, using certain techniques from interior design portfolio, you can visually increase or decrease the room.

The following methods from interior design portfolio are often used:

Horizontal and vertical stripes visually raise the ceiling.

Mirror and glossy reflective surfaces. This method allows you to visually increase the total area of the room.

Walls of different shades of the same color, also, increase the space.

In addition, the style in which the room is made is of great influence. Modern styles mostly create the effect of lightness and airiness. Classic, Empire and other styles are better to use in large rooms with high ceilings.

Choosing and making an order for design an apartment, it is worth familiarizing with the interior design portfolio, this will give some ideas and imagine what the room will look like.

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