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Children's Twin Bed Bedroom Pakistan

Children's Twin Bed Bedroom Pakistan

The Antonovich design for children’s room is inspired by the ocean. It portrays the calmness of the light blue shade, making it a suitable room for a child who loves the sea. The soft shade of blue is mellowed by the combination of the sheer curtain and drapes matching the wall; like the imagination of a child, the room is similar to a tiny wave making its way to the shore creating sea foam. The wideness of the room is amplified with lights that also illuminate the corners of the ceiling, which frames the four corners of the room. This is a room of a dreamer; it is like you are floating at sea when you lay in bed while looking at the ceiling filled with marvelous patterns similar to those of a cloud, and the chandelier that floats in the middle of the room. The soft headboard and padded walls assure the parents that their child is safe in this room, along with the curved furniture that is lighted abundantly with natural and artificial light. The marine theme of this room is still in line with the Victorian era inspired house, with the doors matching the theme on the hallway, and the accents present on the chandelier, ceiling all and carpet patterns, creating a continuous flow of the pattern, along with the golden frame made on the floor, highlighting the serenity this room can offer.

This is the least furnished area in the house, so the children can roam around freely, they can run and jump around, without being injured on hitting the furniture. Padded walls are also a great way to promote noise cancellation; it muffles the loud sounds the television can produce. This room is made from the combination of the jubilance of this juvenile room with the classiness of the classic patterns. Clearly, a fusion of the old with the new—a neoclassical style of design, exclusively made just for you and your family. The palm tree and the white flowers in a vase gave the room a tropical surrounding, like the palm trees on the beach, very imaginative and creative, the trademark of the Antonovich design.

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