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Hammam and Sauna Design in Pakistan

Hammam and Sauna Design in Pakistan

Hammam and sauna design. Both rooms are comprised of water and heat resistant materials like treated wood in order to make the surrounding a bit cooler since the room is filled with a continuous flow of hot, dry air or some with the dampness of air. The Hammam contributes a huge part of the Islamic practices due to its hygienic purposes; in Islam, one should undergo a ritual purification in order to enter a mosque and offer prayers to Allah; while the latter is used for promotion of metabolism.

The foyer leading to the bath houses gives off a cooling effect on the eyes, contradicting the warm environment of the Hammam and sauna providing you a fresh atmosphere.

The Antonovich Hammam will put you into a state of trance due to its enchanting mystique; the non-radial rib vault type ceiling is painted with midnight blue imitating the night sky and then stars glistening resembling a summer evening. The light is placed in the center, replicating the moonlight beaming gently hence the bathers are more connected with the captivating beauty of the environment and focusing more on prayers while they are performing their ablutions. The windows which are inspired by the Persian architecture were also akin to the dome’s color, it is painted a lighter shade of blue to giving depth in it. The beige colored granite seat is excellent for the humidity inside the Hammam, also it is excellent for its easy preservation; the eastern-influenced flower border just below the window, on the other hand, gave the room tactile quality, contrasting the smooth surface of the leather bolsters on the seats.

The Antonovich sauna design, on the other hand, is a synthesis of the Islamic and Finnish architecture. Usually, bath houses have a seven feet distance between the floor to the ceiling and eight by twelve feet perimeter to reduce heat loss in the room, and a small vent hole in the wall with five feet distance from the floor for heat regulation. The lumber used in creating this space is usually treated to prevent mold build up, and insulator pads were inserted in between the walls and panel for the moisture to be kept in. the curved sides of the bench provide a better track of air circulation inside, providing you a comfortable sauna experience at home.

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