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Royal Floor Design Karachi

Royal Floor Design Karachi

The Antonovich Royal floor design promotes a spectacular combination of intricate patterns, extravagant chandeliers, and luxurious furniture all merged in a single room.

As you walk into the room, you can see the wide staircase on your left side, a spacious entrance into a welcoming abode. When you turn to the right, the living area is already there, with a well-lit ceiling and another one open just above your head. The shade of the drapes is similar to the one of the wall, light yet warm. An iron wrought French door straight ahead invites you to come near it and look at the view outside where the grass is green and butterflies fluttering around the flowers in the garden. The furniture pieces are in contrast to the wall, allowing the earth element to be inside the room, the pillows being the leaves and the flower vases accentuating the freshly bloomed lilies placed on it. Beneath the staircase, there is the couch, perfect for the children and those who are young at heart. The flooring below the furniture creates an illusion of the roots planted deep on the floor; the gold accentuates the curves and edges of the room, making it an ornament to focus our eyes on this marvelous work of art.

When you look above, the chandelier resembles a crown, adorning the majestic entrance room; large French doors allow sunlight and fresh air to enter freely while the lights around the room keep everything lit at night, emphasizing the regal appeal of the room. As you ascend to the next level while holding on the handle you can see the complex design of the staircase, twisted and bent on a flowery design; you will also be delighted to see the charming dazzle of the crystals hanging in the ceiling producing miniature rainbows with every beam of light passing through it. A little step more, you will find the mystical mirror similar to the one in the fairy tale. A few more strides, you can also lounge around and watch the television for that optimum rest at the Antonovich sumptuous floor design.

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