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Functional Kitchen in Pakistan

Functional Kitchen in Pakistan

The Antonovich Functional kitchen design is heaven for those who love to cook in the kitchen. A kitchen is a place full of love, care and of course where there is food, the second busiest place at home. It is where a young child is raised and fed, and transformed into a young adult by learning how to cut and cook food.

Looking above the ceiling, it is well lit and the lights are focused near the kitchen counter; the chandelier is subtle and rose above head and is vibrant for the light to pass through freely. The segment arch pediments were placed above the columns which were inspired by the classic Greek Corinthian column, while the top borders of the cupboards were taken from the design of the entablature of the said timeless design; and an open glass window and a large French door for natural light to enter the room. The kitchen countertop, table, and flooring were also made of polished and sealed quartz stone to endure the activities in the kitchen and also, for easy cleaning and preservation.

The elegant kitchen’s furniture is comprised with round, smooth edges with a subtle shade. The fabric of the chairs and couch is easy to clean, thus fewer bacteria in the kitchen. The kitchen drapes were also light shaded to emit a warm and welcoming environment. To accentuate the femininity of the room, flowers were also added on the Victorian style wall panels, across the orb.

The painting on the wall breaks the color of the room and gives off a light environment, also the huge space for movement also the easy transit of those who are cooking and serving the meal. The floral patterned flatware stands out in the pale colored table and allowing you to focus on your meal that is freshly cooked.

The Antonovich Functional kitchen promotes accessibility to every cupboard and appliance on the kitchen counter, natural lighting from the French doors, fresh air when you open the windows to also the air to spread around the garden and let other family members share a  scrumptious meal made with love.

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