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Architectural Consultants in Pakistan

Architectural Firm in Pakistan

Pakistani Architecture has various structures. Built from different eras they have managed to maintain their antique styles. Giving their structures uniqueness. The paterns of their walls are one of ther trademarks. Pakistanis major influence in architecture is from Greece and mostly Arabic designs. They have structure and detailed landmarks and houses. Which gives their cities a rich architecture  views. They also have some british influence on their designs however the Pakistani Architecture never looses it’s trademark when it comes to their pattern accents. Modernity is now the road of their Architecture, still they never fail to give the new structures the Pakistani theme. Domes, Delicately carved patterns on walls, and different shapes and vibrant colors. No wonder Pakistani Architecture is very pleasing to the tourists and for the locals.

Antonovich Architecture Design Consultants in Pakistan

Pakistan has welcomed to their homes the most influential and famous architecture team of Luxury Antonovich Design. The demands on great architects and designers are rising up together with their economy. Antonovich Design is one of the worlds leading luxury architecture company. In 2002  Katrina Antonovich built an architectural empire together with her team. They design luxurious homes, buildings, condomeniums, and a whole lot more. They have been dominating most Eastern countries for their one of a kind artistry. Antonovich Desing believes that the trademark of the eastern home designs should always be present. Making each client feel the richness of their culture. They also cater to modern designs. The new trend of Architecture is more on the preciseness and simpleness of the structure creating a clean and modern look. Antonovich Design Team is always innovating their presentations so that clients will have a lot of designs to choose from. The nicest thing is that they have all the patterns, colors, 3D mock ups, and autocad photos presented to you so that you can visualize how your dream home would look like. The outstanding team is a one-stop-shop for your Architecture needs. 

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