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Chic Bedroom Design Lahore

Chic Bedroom Design Lahore

The bedroom—this is where the magic happens; a place where we relax until we fall asleep and revitalize. They say that the human body needs at least eight hours of sleep per night in order to regain strength. It is the last room you will see before you sleep and the first room you will see when you wake up in the morning. The Antonovich beautiful bedroom offers the comfort of a suite hotel room right in your own abode.

The lightings were strategically placed on the corners to promote a relaxing ambiance while you want to lie down in bed to sleep while other family members are tidying up for bed. The fixed chandelier is placed higher and above the middle part of the bed to facilitate a sleepy environment. Meanwhile, the dresser is positioned south of the bed for noise reduction to the one who is asleep. The casement window, together with the French door offers you a wide angled view and promoting natural light to enter at daytime so you can bask in the morning air and see how the weather outside is like.

Majority of the items used in this design are made up of soft fabrics, and the round edges of the couch, dresser and the bed itself for a safe environment. The supple bed, couch, carpet and the silky curtains are luring you to go to lie in bed. The baby’s cradle is placed in an area that is near to the bed so the parents can attend to their young ones need instantly. Looking at the bedroom, the hue that was used is like entering a serene room, with the scent of powder and a hint of chamomile and fresh linen. The flooring is made up of polished and sealed Carrara white marble which bounces the lights around the room. White geranium is also placed in vases to promote a soothing effect on the human body while e sleep.

Truly, the Antonovich beautiful bedroom embodies a splendid safe place to be carefree, an abode to keep you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. A place where you can see the moon and stars cover you before you sleep and the wonderful sunshine that will surely boost for another day.

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