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  • the exchange tower 501 -floor 5
    Business bay, Dubai
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Luxurious Hotel in Pakistan

Luxurious Hotel in Pakistan

The Antonovich fabulous hotel design is spearheading the fashion of hotels in the United Arab Emirates. With its elegance and class, the classic hues that are used here were deviated by itscontemporary design. As the ceiling is blank white and lined with the wooden panel, it is like a blank canvas in a wooden frame, waiting for the artist to blend other colors harmoniously, opposing the patterned flooring below it. The lights are placed strategically on the edges to widen the room, also, by allowing light to reflect on the mirrors give the room a warm environment. The horizontal lines on the walls elongates the room, making a contrasting backdrop to the vertical line patterns that the doors and panels projects. Walls shaded lightly and were dramatically illuminated by the yellowish light; intensify the balanced distance between the door, hallway and column.

As you walk along the hallway of the model hotel, you can feel like you can see the wind as you pace forward, thanks to the horizontal lines on the wall, it can also lure your eyes to the paintings on it, as they are also emphasized by the lights above and below it. The room numbers are very visible and well lit, to prevent guests from mixing their rooms. The stairs also look like an abstract one which leads you to the elevator. Meanwhile, a few more strides and you have reached the front desk, a room full of squares but are opposed by the twirling chandelier that is mesmerizing to look at.  On to the left you can see the dining hall, and it is similar to a pizzeria’s clay oven and the dining tables and chairs are arranged in a neat manner. The gym on the other hand, is very spacious; the glass panel gives you a wide angled view of nature while you are working out; and the couch outside gives you an outstanding feeling of having the best of the urban area with the fantastic view of greens all in one place. The Antonovich fabulous hotel design is very captivating, its presence is like an old cabin, with the hospitality that it can offer, and at the same time, it is also a hotel, where you are pampered, and your eyes are entertained by the fantastic design of this room, the Antonovich way.

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