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Family Sitting Room in Karachi

Family Sitting Room in Karachi

The Antonovich Chic family sitting room is a classy modern take of the contemporary sitting room. The living or sitting room is a place where you can do activities such as watching television, reading books and most important of all, accommodate guests. This is the most flamboyant of all the room; it displays a lot of character and appearance, and mainly, the cleanest part of the house.

The room is well lit by the circular chandelier placed in the middle, and the supportive lights on the sides of the ceiling give the room a spacious look. The softly textured walls create a contrasting supple environment to the frigid and metallic shine of the glass behind the floor vase. The drapes meanwhile, creates an illusion that the room is very tall, balancing the curves on the furniture and on the other wall. the hue of this room gives takes a virtual tour into the room, having the sweet scent of rose potpourri in the counter, and meanwhile as sit down on the soft couch and feel the relaxing suppleness of the pillows, we can notice the carpet is a shade lighter than of the floor, with a hint of the peach shade, it denotes that the owner of the home is a warm, sweet and accommodating, not only based on that but also on the contemporary painting that hangs on the wall.

Looking at a different angle, we can see the natural light that passes freely on the glass window, emphasizes the form of the curtains, creating an organized view, similar to the calmness of the morning light. A few strides will take us to the hallway that will lead us to another part of the home, as you can see, the main wall is made with straight, long panels, giving the room height, and is the matched with the femininity of the stargazers in the vase, sophistication of the elegant mirror and the humbleness of the table where the lustrous lampshades. Almost all of the home’s décor are displayed on the sitting area, whereas the walls heading to the room is adorned by wonderful pieces of art, allowing us to focus on the paintings rather than of the walls. Similar to the Antonovich company that focuses on your needs, and is beautified with our class and style.

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