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Pakistan Bedroom Designs

Pakistan Bedroom

The best part of the day is going home to your warm room, and lay down into your bed. Relax after a long tiring day. Watch your favorite show on the television, and have a nice cup of tea. With Antonovich Bedroom Designs, we don’t just create a bedroom, we create masterpiece.

Developed and designed to have the perfect ambiance for your relaxation and comfort. Antonovich Bedroom designs are packed with Huge panelled windows, allowing enough sun light to enter the room. Paired with nice detailed and printed curtains that goes along with the details of the walls. The room is painted with any color that our clients desires, because Antonovich believes that we have to make every room work for our clients. We let our clients choose and decide, together with our artistry we try to collaborate and incorporate our ideas. Chandeliers and lights are placed perfectly in every corner of the room to create that luxurious feeling.

You’ll sleep like a king and queen in our fully decorated bedroom. Including a nice pinned headboard a huge bed to ensure that you have a good night sleep everytime.
Antonovich aims to create a bedroom that does not only look good, but also feels good. We want to make our clients feel and be like the royalties on their own private space.

The Design
The design is consisted of warm tones that creates a natural and cozy vibe in the room.

• Fully decorated wall with artistic patterns
• Wide panelled windows
• Curtain drapes
• Huge mirror
• A lounging area with sofa
• Chandelier and pin lights to fully light up the room
Advantages of the bedroom
Our advantages when it comes to designing homes and bedrooms are our luxurious physique. It can last for a lifetime. You may think thatit is hard to maintain butthe truth is, It lasts longer. Because we ensure that our work is high quality and above the standards. Making you feel confident and very complacent with our work.

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