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Elegant Bedroom in Karachi

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Elegant Bedroom in Karachi

The master’s bedroom is a place wherein the head of the household, couple or the parents--stays and rest. It is where they keep their prized possessions, jewelry and their clothes all in the same room where they sleep. The Antonovich master bedroom provides you a relaxing environment, making you the king of your own home. With the room being elegantly illuminated by the stylish chandelier, the natural light amplifies its walls and curtains, making the room taller in your perspective. The smooth flow of lines throughout the room makes it a carefree environment, perfect for the head of the household relaxing inside.

The bed, couch, and the chairs are made up of supple materials, ideal for relaxing. The well deliberated light placement makes the room enormous, yet the light hues make it a conducive environment to sleep. If you could step inside the room, you can smell the sweet scent of lavender, making it the calmest room in the house; while the plants inside breaks the earthy hues also, it gives off oxygen for a more relaxing and calming sleep.

As you step inside the bathroom, the brightly illuminated room makes bathing and cleaning thoroughly especially inside the glass shower room. The slip-proof flooring also makes it a safe place to roam inside the bathroom even when you are barefoot. The well-lit bathroom mirror boosts your inner confidence by the positive energy this room gives. As you finish taking a bath, a few strides will take you to walk through the dresser, it saves you time by having a spacious room with a large vanity mirror so you can check your appearance before you face the world. Having the counters open, viewing the outfit that you will choose for a day makes it easier. You can mix and match every item just by placing it in front of you while checking it out in the vanity mirror.

After dressing up, you can put your makeup on the dresser, with the elegant lighting; it will make you look like a movie star, perfect for your glamorous personality which reflects in your own Antonovich designed masters bedroom.

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