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Luxury White Dressing Room in Karachi

Luxury White Dressing Room in Karachi

A dressing room or changing room is a place where one can change their clothing away from the public eye; providing them privacy, ample space to fit clothes and a mirror to see their appearance. These rooms had evolved from the humble beginnings inside a dress shop, to the changing room in the beach and locker rooms in a stadium; and now, a special place in your home.

The Antonovich Chic dressing room is the result of a neoclassical combination of the classic Victorian era with a Greek Corinthian column and entablature. The white background wall amplifies the red and gold borders of the cabinets and dressers. The shades in the room help matching outfits easier; the white background serves as a blank paper to where you can combine everything unlimitedly based on the wideness of your imagination. The pristine appearance of the room was achieved with the aid of lights carefully placed in specified areas to give you a clear and crisp image of your reflection on the mirror and also, to heighten the dramatic effect on the drapes and furniture.

The gold lining present in the wall, ceiling, and furniture sheds off a regal persona in the room, making you feel like you are a Roman god waiting to be dressed by your royal servants. The vanity mirror on the dresser makes doing makeup a breeze! Every girl would desire to have that well lit elegant dresser; the lights are perfect to see if the foundation is well applied on the face, preventing any patches on goddesses’ lovely face.

The dressing room might be the least visited room in the house, but with the Antonovich Chic dressing room in your home, it might be one of your showcase rooms. It is similar to a fashion designer’s boutique; where the neatly pressed clothes are placed, your watch, bag, and shoe collection are placed in an orderly manner that is gratifying to one’s sight. Undeniably, this dressing room design by Antonovich will make you feel beautiful, inside and out; and makes you experience what is like to dress in a king’s room.

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