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Sitting Room Design Lahore

Sitting Room Design Lahore

Some may get confused if the living room is the same as a sitting room. But the difference is that the guests are accommodated in the living room, while the sitting room is built for the family. This is where you place the hobbies of the people who lives in that home. This area is relaxing and private to be enjoyed by the family in their quality time.

Luxury Antonovich Design builds a sitting room to give the family a private space in their home. This is where they can gather and watch television shows, play music, or play games. A sitting room is designated for the whole family so they can have an isolated space in their home. 

It allows the family to have a quality time of their own. 

Our finest designer Katrina Antonovich believes that the colors and design of a home is a reflection of the people who lives in it. That’s the reason why we build luxurious designs to reflect the quality of living for our clients. Ensuring that we only provide prime productions for them. 

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