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Contemporary Apartment in Lahore

The Antonovich Apartment in Lahore. An apartment is defined as a self-contained housing unit that only occupies a part of the building; meanwhile, Lahore is Pakistans richest city. Its neo-futuristic building designs are suited for the fast progressing country while it stays intact with its origins as it is inspired by the Great Mosque of Samarra, utilizing Islamic architecture. With this brief history, we can see later on, how Antonovich design can combine all of these to make your living space suitable for the futuristic Burj Khalifa.

As you walk into the room you can notice the lights illuminate the room magnificently, with the fine chandelier placed on almost every aspect of the room, with elegantly designed lampshades are also placed on the walls near the doors, corners, and walkway. The classic gold border has given it a classic touch, along with the modern border of the ceiling. The long draping curtains gave the room intensity as it creates a tall and soft wall. The white ceiling with modern patterns also stands out with the lights on the edges, giving it an airy ambiance. The palm trees placed in the floor vases gave a fresh touch of an oasis in this room. The faint beige shade and the light colored room emphasize our focus to the flat screen television, a modern appliance which evolves from time to time.

The cozy living room draped with the tortilla shade of brown was complimented by the brown umber shade of the modernly styled three-suit divan sofa matching the large floor vases, as the blacktopped coffee table lined with chromed lining gives the room a metallic finish the white wall with brown flowing ring pattern was disrupted with the flat screen television in the middle. Meanwhile, on the left side, the luxurious mirror framed by two opposing herons, balances of the wooden feeling inside the room. And if you will sit down and relax, you can smell the sweet aroma of vanilla coming from the candles, making the room warm and welcoming, inviting you to have some tea as you lay your bare feet on the classically designed soft carpet.

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