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Luxurious Beauty Salon Pakistan

Luxurious Beauty Salon Pakistan

The Antonovich Luxurious beauty salon interior falls into the public space design. When we say salon, it means it is a stylish business establishment or an elegant apartment—similar to an art exhibition hall. Since the definition denotes that a salon is an elegant room, having the room designed by Antonovich, regal and style follows, because with Antonovich, even your best ideas will be made better, and your dream of a luxurious salon will become a reality with us.

To start off, the room is well lit by the white LED light, the curtains, walls, furniture and counter are colored with the noble shade of mahogany red, which the gold buttons gave prominence to its magnificent hue. The golden patterns on the wall, enclosed by the lighting gave the room a more spacious appearance, as the large window panels radiates a calm vista of the greens outside. The austerity of the colors used in this room succeeds to bestow you a royal feeling of being assisted and pampered like an emperor. The Greek Corinthian column permits the continuous flow of the golden borders of the wall, which goes down to the pillars, frames of the mirror to the furniture. Meanwhile, the faint shade of white gold and chrome in the other furniture produces a sparkly and bedazzled environment—it is like Midas touched this room, and everything he touched turned into gold.

As we tour around their rooms, we can see that the white backdrop served as a blank paper for the gold and brown to blend in harmoniously; the lighting also gave a dramatic effect on its mirror and under the toilet seat and lavatory. This certain glow that you see, creates a pleasing environment, suited for that wonderful bathroom selfie that you can post online, and mind you, it will not look like you are in the bathroom due to the elegance of this room!

The Antonovich Luxurious Beauty Salon Interior, a room that is adorned  with gold, yet you are the one who will outshine the it; because this room is like a genie, it can make your dream of what is like to be an emperor for a day come true.

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