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Karachi Villa Interior Design


This enchanting Villa Design in Pakistan is developed by Luxury Antonovich Design. The beautiful loft is designed to perfection. It’s walls are paintd in a creamy white base coat detailed and lined with gold paint. The patterns are painted gold to accentuate the design. The hallways have pillars that gives the villa a more structured look. 

The whole villa also has a touch of blue tones to balance the room’s warm and cold hues. The villa is roomy and spacious but the ceiling gives it more dimensions. The chandeliers that are plastered by the ceiling splashes the room with beautiful crystal glow of lights. The floor design is a choice of cream and pastel yellow hues that creates that warm reflection all around the villa. The villa’s kitchen is designed for ten people to sit and dine. You will also love the recieving area or lounge where there are sofas to relax in while you sit and have a chat with your friends. The drapes of curtains are a mixture of gold and blue to create a little visual play. The whole artistic decor of the villa is charming and sophisticated. 

Our company the Luxury Antonovich Design creates Villas that are unique and personalized. We give it a mixture of traditional elegant design mixing it with modernized details. This Villa is created to provide a home that has it all. Isn’t it amazing to have everything that you need at the comfort of your own home.

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