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Al Wasl Road, Al Badaa, Jumeirah, Dubai Unit no. 4, Bldg. Plot No, 333-1103

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Elegant Villa Design Karachi

Elegant Villa Design Karachi

Luxury Antonovich Design’s is proud of our talented designers and of our skilled craftsmen. The woman behind all of this is Katrina Antonovich, she is the genius of all the designs. She is driven by her desire for quality accomplishments and inspired by a commitment to inventiveness. Our goal is to provide you a home you’ll love and an experience you’ll treasure.

This elegant Villa design is full of charm and poise. We do not underestimate the importance of a first impression. That’s why we design home interiors that are eye catching and will surely be a home design that will impress everyone. We give value to your money that’s why we have always created homes with creativity, uniqueness, and of course with high-end quality. The sophistication in each design will be reflected in the whole concept of the home interior. We put on our heart in our creation, building a breathtaking masterpiece for our clients. Crystal chandeliers, expensive wall papers, deluxe drapes of curtains, everything goes with elegance. Every corner is simply outstanding proving you that Luxury Antonovich Design has been the best, and will always be the best designers for your home.

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