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Aristocratic Bathroom in Pakistan

Aristocratic Bathroom in Pakistan

As you enter Antonovich’s Aristocratic bathroom, you will immediately sense that the room is special due to the fine details etched in the door; the alabaster on the arc just above the golden face of Janus the Greek god, and the sleek curve of the door handles that are inviting you to unlock the wonders this room can offer you.

Once you open your eyes to see what is inside, it feels like you are being transported back to ancient Greece where only the gods can lounge in such place. As you look around, the borders are finely detailed with Greek key pattern that fits perfectly in your sophisticated taste of a warm and welcoming ambiance.

  • The elegance of the marble walls transcends the norms of the usual bathrooms which gives you a boost and sense of royalty that is being mellowed with the touch of white as if you are being caressed by the wind that gently touches your face as you look into the mirror
  • The grandiose style of the toilet provides comfort above anything else. You can read the paper while doing your own business as your eyes travel around the room, basking in the ambiance of the architecture concourse.
  • Looking at the faucet while washing your hands makes you imagine that you are on a lake, as a meek swan pours water upon your hands. As you will pat them dry with a towel, you will notice that the room seems to be endless, and as you place your toiletries in the drawer, you will notice the intricate carving on the handles jibes with the black background, giving it a sleek finish.

As you sit down, place your hands on the lion heads at the chair and feel the luxury that the Aristocratic bathroom can offer, and might wish that you can stay inside and feel the nostalgic allure of the lustrous gold, shimmering as the light strikes its surface. Whilst stretching and gazing up the blank ceiling, the marvelous details on the border of the are like stars in the sky, twinkling and covering you like a blanket. Your aching back from the day’s work will surely be rejuvenated in the room as you sink into the soft couch which feels like you are being cuddled by the clouds up above.

To generalize the whole room, based on the ratio of the curves and lines of the room, color and patters mixture, this truly is a wonderful masterpiece that is waiting for you to come and experience what the Antonovich Aristocrat bathroom can offer you; comfort, luxury and royalty, fit for the king of the house. If there could be a word that can be used to describe the Aristocratic bathroom design of Antonovich is regal.

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