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Staircase Design Pakistan

 Antonovich Styled Staircase

Staircases is the thing that transists two parts of a home. It creates a strong bond with the two floors of every house. We like to create stairs. Stairs usually means a little in a home, but for Antonovich Staircases are important. We love to create staircases that are not just funtional but also beautiful. It may not be as fun as the other parts of a home but it certainly is an eye catcher. It represents the centerpiece of a home and with that it should represent the home owners. Most of the time, the stairs is the first thing your visitors will notice once they enter your home. We like to give your home personality that mirrors your image. We create staircases that is as good as a pice of art.Transforming your staircases to be appealing to the eyes. Our team spend hours just to create the perfet looking stairs for your home. We push the boundaries and draws out people’s emotions to uphold that beautiful drama.

We use exotic woods and rare lumber to accentuate the stairs to make it look wealthy and luxurious. We also use fine granites and marbles. This will be a representation of Elegance and Royalty. The best part of a stair is giving it utility for the home. To have something that is always being used and still have a beauty in it is a spectacular privellege. That’s why Antonovich Design will pick the best designs that suits your personality. We create a spacious staircase that will give your home a larger effect. Suitable for mansions and palaces. We also have modern designed staircases which gives the home more clean and the minimalistic design makes it look like there are larger space around. Allowing you to savour every step that you will make. 



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