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Neoclassical Family Sitting Room Lahore

Neoclassical Family Sitting Room Lahore

Neoclassical; it is an adaptation of the classical as the word describes itself. Sitting room or living room as some may call it; is a place in the house that is similar to the saying “put your best foot forward”. Families usually decorate it with pictures of their clan, trophies, and medals, the achievements through the years. It is a place where you welcome your visitors and shows them your hospitality, warmth, and openness; a place that draws a fine line between a house and a home.

Here with the Antonovich, we are offering you a different blend of the timeless designs with the funky new ones. The brightness of the room gives you a warm tone not only to the eyes but gives you a feeling that you are welcome and free to sit down and let loose.

  • The roundtable allows you to have an interpersonal relationship, fostering camaraderie in a world full of technology and to face your companion while talking and can look at them freely. The classic table is then paired with the classically designed chairs but is given a twist with the pastel blue shade, the drawer is one of the classic house pieces that withstand the test of time, while above it is the flat screen television to maximize the space and giving it a sleek modern look.
  • This Victorian type of room design is given a minimal pattern of the wallpaper, together with the LED ceiling lights that make the room even brighter and eco-friendly. The chandeliers were also on a neoclassic design, as the basic skeleton of it was innovated to a less detailed one to balance the light patterns on the wall and to compliment the couches. Even the pictures that are hanging on the wall are also in a minimalist perspective, to place the focal point of the people into each other.
  • The striped upholstery of the settee sofa gives it a spunky vibe to complement the pastel-colored pillows, while the Chesterfield sofa is white to focus on the round mirror that resembles the sun, symbolizing its vibrancy. The modern coffee table is a complete contrast to the ageless davenport sofa blends in well with the classic single settee that is accentuated with the dark shade of plum, making it the total reciprocal of the modern table pieces.
  • The white sturdy table makes a subtle form while the painting looks like it is resting on the said table in between the juvenile designed lamp. The warm shade in the corner makes you feel relaxed and attracts you to come inside, have a drink and unwind in this cozy neoclassical sitting room while discovering every that every side of the room has its own story to tell, the evolution of the classic.

The Antonovich Neoclassical Family Sitting room is truly a place that will last and will tell a story that is a tale that is old as time to all of the family members; from the Victorian era up to the present time, a flexible style that is applicable to many generations and for the years to come. 

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