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Aristocratic Restaurant Design Lahore

Aristocratic Restaurant Design Lahore

The Antonovich exclusive restaurant interior design is a sleek and classy one, it is like a sweet room, with the brown walls looking like the decadent milk chocolate bars, some of the furniture especially the chairs, look like a mixture of a white chocolate and the other, imitating the smoothness of a free flowing caramel.

A restaurant is a place that was believed to have its origin during the ancient Greek and Roman eras as evidenced by the excavations in Pompeii. A thermopolia or a thermopolium was believed to be the first establishment to serve drinks and food like the modern day take out counter, meanwhile, the thermopolium in Asellina has a second floor area for guests to eat, and holes to where food or wine passes through. Our ancestors might be proud that from their humble origins of a thermopolium, high-end restaurants shall emerge.

As we proceed with our own restaurant interior design, it provides us a subtle and relaxing atmosphere with the aid of the modern day light fixtures, bulbs were placed, and with the help of this light shade, the food served looks a lot attractive, same to the couples who are having their first date, this lighting will pave a way for another rendezvous.

The room possesses a minimal wall design, allowing the diners to focus on their meals; while the granite topped tables are marvelously lined with golden borders, and plates are plain white, to highlight the dishes that are served. The floor, on the other hand is made of wood, allowing trolleys to roll better at the smooth surface, and the elegance it brings to compliment the leather couches that gently flows its curve across the room.

This elegantly designed Antonovich restaurant interior depicts class; it shows the classic French restaurant influence while keeping its youthfulness on the furniture design and chandelier motif. It is a place where you would desire to be a part of your life, a place where you had your first date, wedding reception, and to celebrate your life’s hallmarks. The Antonovich Company inspiration: to make lives more memorable by creating a beautiful world, one building at a time.

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