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Kitchen design in Pakistan

Kitchen design in Pakistan

Kitchen design Pakistan of Luxury Antonovich Design, this is a great field for the action, as a modern kitchen can be made in any design style with the use of various techniques. The only framework, which has to be reconciled, when developing the kitchen design is the size of the room. The design of elite kitchen especially needs proper planning. In the work, we use the latest kitchen appliances and modern storage systems. An important role in kitchen design today assigned to the choice of colors, as well as accessories - not only practical and necessary in the kitchen, but also a cherished figurines, candlesticks, napkins and other decoration items. Design of kitchen in Pakistan of Luxury Antonovich Design, it is several options of home kitchen design, depending on the facilities and capabilities of your wishes. As for the layout, the choice is large enough:

U-shaped plan assumes placing furniture along three walls

L-shaped includes a dining area and an isolated work triangle

Single row kitchen - near one wall is located the work area, and by another - dining area

Double-row kitchen - sink with hot plates near one a wall, a refrigerator and a work surface at another. This option is most suitable for through-rooms

Island kitchen - is the transfer of a work area in the center (for example, the working surface + sink + stove). This design is very common worldwide and is used in large rooms

American kitchen - are joining central zone with the wall (bar counter or work surface)

Our designers will design perfect interior best kitchen designs of your dream, and you can enjoy many years of being in so beloved by us all the room - the kitchen!

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