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Clean Elegant Bathroom Design

Clean Elegant Bathroom Design

White bath for other people denotes freshness and cleanliness which makes a good palate for design. White is a very versatile theme to design and serves as flexible base.

This luxurious white bath is mixed with gold linings and complex glass designs that makes the room more interesting.It is mixed with subdued mint decors which help liven the bath. It also features vivid lighting, impressive marble flooring and a well-thought of space-saving storage compartment.

One captivating detail on this bathroom is the huge and finely carved mirror that indicates class and elegance. And like any other luxury baths, crystal chandelier-like lampshades sparkles the walls and attracts the most attention.Not to mention the modish mirrored ceiling light.

Also, the colorful flooring design is a refreshing attribute to this room.It is an unexpected touch to the usual luxury bathrooms.

This bath fits three people at the same time, providing three sinks for each. Bathrooms like this are a perfect mixed of modern and tradition interior design. The white marble floor and walls gives the illusion of continuity and an open space.

The touch of mint gives that unusual neutral hues impression and freshness to the entire bath. Well defined lines, and complex carvings are classic style traits that will last a lifetime. All elements used in by Katrina Antonovich transforms the ordinary luxury baths to remarkable and exceptional masterpiece. She considers this space your personal sanctuary that is why every detail is important. This room has all the luxury you need from hand crafted mirrors to custom faucets and sinks.

Storage provides convenience and overall appeal. Katrina Antonovich designed the storage with soft romantic heart carvings and contradicting horizontal lines gave the bathroom mirror its exceptional allure.

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