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Princess Bedroom Desgin Pakistan

Princess Bedroom Desgin Pakistan

This adorable girls room is everything that little girls would fancy. It has all the elements that would appeal not just to young girls but kids at heart.

This bedroom interior fits your little princess with its castle-like custom furnitures and wall decals. Katrina Antonovich has made sure your little girl has the royal treatment they deserve

Hues of enchanting pinks and golds fill this room. And the main focus on this space is the custom made flower and butterfly bed and accent chair. The bed gives the impression that your little girl is sitting on top of pretty flowers and the butterfly adds a fine touch to it. The huge center accent flower chair serves both as table and playspace.

Castle-like shelves filled with whimsical stuffed toys are a great way to add decorations to your girls room. It would look more organized and it provides easy access for your kids to play with their toys.

Just like any other Katrina Antonovich interior design, she has manage to incorporate a grand ceiling design and an exquisite butterfly crystal chandelier which will provide your little girl that enchanting feeling.

Your childs bedroom should be a mix of both fun and functionality. This simple study table adorned with pretty white flowers could be really helpful when your child needs her own activity space for reading, writing or creating art. Pretty flower chairs adds cuteness to the entire room.

Storage shelves are also important. Here the storage is made seamless by incorporating it against the walls. Katrina Antonovich makes sure that every room will not be outgrown by your children. She makes sure that it will grow with them. She gives every room a timeless treatment that is age appropriate.

Katrina Antonovich demonstrates how proper lighting fixtures adds playfulness to the design but also keeping its sophisticated element.

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