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Deluxe Pool Design Karachi

Deluxe Pool Design Karachi

Luxury Antonovich Designs are known for building luxury traditional, modern, freeform, geometric swimming pools and--the list goes on and on.  When asked to comment on the quality of a pool's design, however, the choice of design depends on the area where the pool will be installed. We optimize the designs and make sure everything fits perfectly.

Creativity, indeed. Close analysis of details spurs the challenge of conventional methods and creates more appropriate alternatives. 

Luxury Antonovich Design with it’s chief designer Katrina Antonovich makes the decisions  in the designing because she has always been doing her style. This concept of specificity is applied with element of the pool and each project is unique.

Our pool projects are well-designed, as it speaks for itself. We incorporate some designs waterfalls, slides, statues—you name it and we got it. Our aim is to give our clients their wanted designs. 

Our clients taste or style matters to us and the key to achieving a true work of water art lies in the knowledgeability and skill set. Which our designer Katrina Antonovich has. The effective collaboration of our designer and builders with the help of our clients, are very important. Lastly always remember that good design lies in the details and with Luxury Antonovich design is the heart of every construction.

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