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Neoclassic Architecture by Katrina Antonovich

Neoclassic Architecture by Katrina Antonovich

Neoclassic architecture gives emphasis on walls and columns. It is said to have classical influences such as Italian Colosseum and ancient Greece. This style is well loved for its timeless sophistication.

The colors used  in this neoclassic design are predominantly mild, using the tones white, neutral and gold. Dark brown elements are also used mostly to further accentuate the entirety of the room

Furnitures used to decorate the living room appear to be effortless yet symmetrical. Typical dark furnishings, gold trimmings, metallic decors, tear drop chandeliers  and horizontal-lined marble flooring emphasizes the neoclassical theme. Also, the pillars gives the room this ancient greek style. Katrina Antonovich has used fabrics that are luxurious but  not vulgar.

This room is a perfect example of neoclassic touch, with its round carved ceiling and in-lined lights with a touch of classic black chandeliers.

Again, the colors used are moderate neutrals but with a touch of blue. Dark furnishings such as wood and traces of black lampshades are visible in this interior.

The aesthetics used here incorporates elegance and opulence in a more relaxed ambience to provide a sanctuary with a luxurious glamour.

Glossy mirrors, antique chandeliers and glass furnishings are key factors in this neoclassic room. Light colors once again are used for sophistication and dark walls became a quintessential feature to add as contrast to the overall mild hues.

Katrina Antonovich interior designs gives each room its unique vibe without losing the overall theme. Each part is treated as equally important. Just like this neoclassic mosaic-tiled bathroom

Colors used are classic yet has a modern kick. Katrina Antonovich used rose neutral tones to give this bathroom its antique aura. Notice also the different sized mosaic tiles that gives the room depth and intensity. Focal point of this room would be the antique rust coiled mirror and the classic elegant two toned sink. Both items gave the room a bit of modern quirk that it needs.

This other bathroom has a distinctive design of its own.Here, Katrina Antonovich combined neoclassic and elegant industrial design. Starting off with the beautiful black lampshades. She combines these with gold linings and accents. Again, mixed of different size tiles are the key elements in this room. Although the style is classic, Katrina Antonovich makes sure she uses the best in technology like these automatic rectangular toilet seats.

Kitchens are one of the places we overlook. But apparently, Katrina Antonovich leaves no room for flaws. This shelves neoclassic door panels are perfect fit for the theme. She has effortlessly combined black furnitures and appliances with velvet like seats and dark marble countertop.

Katrina Antonovich works marvels. And with proper consultation and vision, you too can have your dream interior in no time!

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