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Deluxe Office Design Lahore

Deluxe Office Design Lahore

An office should not be boring it can be as conventional as a library or as eccentric as a gallery. Each office should have different atmosphere based on the person working in that office. For example, a person who is inclined with arts should have a more playful workspace compared to a person who is working on business firms. The idea in constructing a perfect space is choosing the appropriate tones. 

Here, Katrina Antonovich has made an entirely same room have a totally different aura. The left office space has a more masculine atmosphere. Katrina Antonovich used dark shades of blue and brown for the pieces of furniture and walls. But she somehow manages to break the darkness of the tone with a white and nude marble flooring.

The office on the right looks different at first glance but the furniture used are somewhat different. Only this time Katrina Antonovich transformed the dark office using neutral shades and it totally gave the room a new makeover. And made the room look cozier.

Here is another example of a room transformed with a little twitch in the hues used:

This time Katrina Antonovich created both workspaces using the same elegant marble table, with an unusual cut and design. Although the same, she used different types of furniture that instantly sets the harmony of the room. The one on the left uses dark hues but became tranquil with the Buddha statue. the workspace on the right looks bigger and less compact. These types of room invite a more peaceful feel. And would be perfect for artists and the likes.

An innovative workspace can look like a studio with all your colorful tools being the main focus of the room. For some, they prefer workspace that is peaceful and relaxed. Katrina Antonovich emphasized natural lighting through using big glass windows that makes a serene space. These spaces would be perfect for designers alike and or lady bosses that want to showcase their power and femininity. She used hues of white, pink and dark wood to further highlight the theme. 

Office space should not only be composed of the usual desk. It could be as grand as having your own cocktail table or leather sofas. In this design, Katrina Antonovich has thought well the needs of the person who will use this space. She made this place homey and pleasant. 

And lastly, this room is for those who prefer their workspace to be traditional. It has the vintage atmosphere. The furniture used is dark and touches of wood. However, the walls made the whole room brighter with its lighter color. The industrial lamp style gave the space the characteristics it needs. the big bookshelf is both functional and gives the impression of a classic library.

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