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Sophisticated Majlis Design

Sophisticated Majlis Design

Majlis is a traditional space where guests sit and have long talks. Majlis Interior design is something that you'd really admire if you've seen Arabic house designs in the past. The Majlis house interior design is inspired by middle eastern traditional and oriental art, it reflects elegance and royalty. The design itself is rich in textures and color that exudes elegance and luxury. Luxurious Arabic Majlis design is traditional with a twist of the contemporary aesthetic. Our interior designs are well crafted for private villas and spaces. The room itself has an admirable Arabesque patterns and rich textures from the ceiling, to floor and walls. Arabian geometric inspired interior design style incorporated with arched windows in adorable framing and Mashrabiya patterns on wallpaper and backdrop. It is furnished with modern classic furniture. We add gleaming glass tables, elegant upholstered sofas and armchairs, and decorative poufs in contrasting colors that seamlessly blend with the home design. Charming Morrocan style light fixtures illuminate the home interior into a majestic abode, creating a cozy and inviting place appropriate for social or any functional assemblies.

Majlis decoration

Our company not only creates a space with luxurious and classic majlis interior design we can also incorporate your spaces with modern majlis design.  The material and the details that go with it have gold items, gold edgings, narrow strips, and carved moldings.The ceiling of a majlis plays an important role. It is built with artistic forms and patterns. We make the ceiling as high as possible to give the impression of a bigger space. The forms of Arabic arches and Arabian patterns give the room a touch of traditional atmosphere.Our designs are created unique and our specialists strive to understand the client and to show the family their character reflection in the interior.We are ready not only to develop a unique interior but also to fill it with unique furniture especially personalized for your Majlis inspired room. Such furniture will reflect the individuality of the owner. Your design and furniture will be absolutely unique. 

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