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Elegant Hall Design Pakistan

Elegant Hall Design Pakistan

The Antonovich luxury hall design was conceived by combining the classic western Victorian era with the fine details of the eastern countries which is found in the furniture. The origin of the hall was believed to be in the seventeenth century, wherein medieval Europe, the fire that is used to keep the house warm is found in the great hall that evolved to be a place where special gatherings were held. As for the warm climate areas, houses are built in a large courtyard, and a great hall is a place where the workers build their homes around. Halls are considered to be the major pathway that will lead you to other chambers.

Knowing this rich history, this classic Victorian hall connects you to the main chambers of the house, namely the family sitting room, the commonplace next to the house vestibule, followed by the dining room. This classical lobby is accentuated with the round furniture, allowing you to freely look around the doors which are rich in details, from the gold-coated etchings and the marvelous arches, similar to France’s L’arc De Triomphe. As you can see from the ceiling the center orb is parallel with the furniture; with the luxurious chandelier in the middle creates a centerpiece, similar to a fountain, where the chandelier serves as the flowing water and the couch as its tier; while the pattern creates a solid column from the ceiling straight to the floor.

The corner lights on the ceiling, also create depth from the panel and its distance to the ceiling, giving it a dramatic effect as it is illuminating the room brightly. The passage of the pattern emanates gently from the ceiling to the walls, doors and the plain design on the floor breaks it, making you concentrate on the details around and above you. The generously proportioned mirrors are absolutely perfect in giving the room a roomier ambiance, at the same time; it reflects the light, increasing the lit areas without adding more light fixtures. The hallway that leads to the lavatory is also majestically designed, keeping a keen eye on the details of each embossed pattern, and highlighting it with the radiance of the yellow light. The Antonovich trademark of creating a timeless abode.

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