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Chic Dressing Room Lahore

Chic Dressing Room Ideas Lahore

When building a dressing room there are plenty of things that you should consider. With Luxury Antonovich Design every home should have it’s own unique design or a dressing room. We have here a list of ideas to consider when installing your dressing room. Luxury Antonovich Design is the top-notch designing firm for elegant and luxurious homes. This includes luxurious dressing rooms as well. Many of us dreams of having a dressing room. This practical space reflects our personal desires. Some of us wants to see our beautiful pairs of shoes well organized, some of us also wants to easily spot our clothes may it be our regular day shirts, or our corporate attires. It is nice to have a dresser that has everything organized and well put together. This reflects your self, your personal style and desires.

Dressing Room Ideas to Consider 

  • We carefully consider our clients ideas whether they want their clothes hanging or folding, making sure that everything will be stored well. Clothes, Shoes, Accessories. The idea of having a dressing room is to make everything neat. We put up shelves with doors, to avoid exposing your possessions into dust. We also provide drawers that’s where you can put in accessories, watches, jewelries, and other prized possessions. Hanging areas also for your dresses, jeans, other clothes that needs hanging. 
  • Seating area is also important. You’ll need a place to sit down. A little space where you can try out your shoes. Sort out items or simply relax while looking into your collection of shoes. We like to design furnitures for you that also has some hidden storages, giving the furniture dual purpose. 
  • Shelves and Storage. An open display cabinet is perfect for showcasing treasured belongings, and will also allow easy access. A nice shelf that can also show your favorite clothing items is a good idea so you can easily spot them whenever you need to use it.
  • Space and measurements: We always make sure that we prevent the dressing room from feeling enclosed. We install cabinets that don’t go all the way to the ceiling as they feel less obtrusive, and use mirrored doors to enhance the light and illusion of space.
  • We always maximize the space: We use even the most awkward unused spaces to have an angled fitted storage which can be used to every inch.
  • Lighting is very important, We make sure that the dresser where you put up your make up and fix your hair is well lighted in this case you won’t step out of the house looking unpolished. We install proper lightings in and out of the cabinets and shelves so you can access your clothes even in the dark.
  • A mirror is very important, a floor-to-ceiling designs can really give the amazing illusion of a huge and wider room. It gives brightness as when light reflections make it illuminate the room well. 

Luxury Antonovich Design provides you the intricate design and build you a dream dressing room. Allowing you to have a luxurious space for your favorite things. As expensive as they are, your possessions needs an expensive storage so that it can last longer and be well preserved. 

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