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Pakistan Dining Room Interior Design

Dining Room Interior Pakistan

When building a home we always ask ourselves what makes the perfect dining room? The dining room is the most used area of the home. With Luxury Antonovich Design we embrace the sleek, modern style, with a mixture of the traditional, classical designs. Our designs are plenty and we put up suitable dining room design ideas for our clients and according to their taste. With Luxury Antonovich Design, we have a lot of dining room images you can browse from and choose from allowing you to see how we have designed dining rooms of our previous clients. This specific Dining room that we have shown above is a classical elegant design. We make sure that our creations both reflect artistic and luxurious designs.  With Luxury Antonovich Design we provide you good quality designs that will definitely last more than a lifetime.

Things to Consider for Designing Dining Rooms

  • The size of the Dining area. This is important as it will affect the whole design as we need to make sure of the measurements that we can coordinate other furnitures and fixtures.

  • The size of the furnitures. Installing a large table into a small room will make it look awkward. Whilst putting a much smaller table will make the room look too much with space. With Luxury Antonovich Design we put up the exact size of table and chairs to make the room look fresh and well incorporated.

  • The Color of the walls and furnitures. Choosing the right color palette is quite difficult that’s why we make sure to combine the nicest color palettes to make sure the dining area’s ambiance is light and comfortable. 

The Design

When it comes to designing the dining room, our chief designer Katrina Antonovich gives plenty of thought to the layout, and how all of the dining furniture will work in the entire concept of the room. Measurements are very important and we make sure that every furniture will fit perfectly into the area. We specifically pick colors that are bright and pleasing to the eyes. It gives a larger effect into the dining area and makes the design look elegant and polished. In this specific dining room design we also use large windows to allow natural light to enter the room. It will give a more vibrant mood to the whole dining area. The dining furnitures are a mixture of white, pastel blue, with a touch of gold linings. We believe that giving the room a pastel touch will give more light into the ambiance making the area look stunning with simplicity. We make sure that the dining tables and chairs are enough to cater the whole family. As we all know that the dining area is the most used area in a home. This is where you will have meals, and whilst having the most sumptuous meal you should also be comfortable. That is how Luxury Antonovich Design aims for you to have. A relaxing dining experience in the comfort of your own home. 

The best design ideas that we provide is staying true to our client’s personal style, whilst incorporating the general rules about designing. The moods that can we achieve with the fusion of colors into our designs are impeccable. We make sure that the lightings are balanced and natural. We can implement different styles depending on our client’s taste: modern, classical,  industrial—the possibilities of Luxury Antonovich Design are endelss. We all have it fully prepared with a clear idea of the look you want to achieve, which will make decorating stress-free and much more enjoyable experience. You may contact us for a free quotation and we can guide you through your dream dining room.

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