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Deluxe Contemporary Bedroom Lahore

Deluxe Contemporary Bedroom Lahore

The Antonovich deluxe contemporary bedroom; when the word contemporary pops in, it simply means that it is modern. The name of this room already describes it, a luxurious modern bedroom suited for the modern household. The combination of materials in this house is freshly designed furniture, with the innovative minimalist approach, utilizing every space, and promoting an ergonomic and functional home.

The lights in the ceiling are fixated in a modernly fashioned chandelier, while the designs are made up entirely of geographically concept shapes such as the straight lines and squares. Meanwhile, the painting of a dragonfly, symbolizing change: in perspective or in realization, suitable for this contemporary room, fast-forward and ever-changing, parallels the fast-paced twenty-first century; was emphasized by the copiously illuminated room. The glass panels separating the bedroom to the bathroom gives this space a transparent character, here nothing is hidden; the ideal definition of home in this modern time, somewhere you can freely be yourself, nothing hidden.

The automated eyelet curtains facilitate natural light to pass through the clear glass during the daytime, yet it provides privacy when it is closed at night. As you can notice, the walls and furniture compliments each other, with the different tone of these cool colors, they create an illusion that the furniture is part of the wall, just like the table where the television is located. The floor vases, with few palm trees, on the other hand, give a nourishing environment to the modern room, contrasting to the cool shade.

The elegance of this room is also seen by the spacious bathroom, furnished with contemporarily designed furniture, light in an artistic manner, where the curves and silhouettes are emphasized, making the room not only an ordinary one but a fully functioning art gallery. Earnestly speaking, this magnificent Antonovich contemporary master bedroom is a place to be treasured. Someone could spend the whole day there, and will not mind to go out because it is very cozy, relaxing and beautiful all at the same time, feels like you can smell the ocean breeze in this room; absolutely, mesmerizing.

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