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Classic Wardrobe Design in Lahore

Classic Wardrobe Design in Lahore

The Antonovich interior wardrobe ideas are a collection of the finest designs that the company can offer. It varies from classical up to the contemporary design of the modern day era. Interior designing is the art and science of enhancing the interior and exterior of a space or a building; it is a part of an architect’s responsibility, to create an aesthetically pleasing design for a certain area, and then was designated to a sole person to do the task. While the origin of wardrobe started during the reign of King Edward I, and the main function of a wardrobe is to store the robe of the king. As time goes by, the wardrobe evolved from a simple robe keeper, into a room full of cupboards, cabinets and closets with large mirrors to allow you to see yourself as you try on your clothes.

In this wardrobe design, you can see that this chamber is made for a couple, the classic design of the open wardrobe is ideal to the classy personality of this couple. Starting from the ceiling, the sides of it are well illuminated with the LED lights; allowing them to see their clothes on a lighter aspect and to inspect for lints and stains on the clothes. The built in wardrobe blends well with the white ceiling, it radiates the elegance of the couple. The Carrara white marble floor lifts up the chamber’s age, aligned with the character of the wooden closets. The austerity of the white curtain that drapes the large window makes the room simple, keeping you focused on what you will wear. The pattern on the drawers and cupboards are very simple, making it uncomplicated. The open cabinets and dressers is made of mahogany wood, the gold standard of all the wardrobes during the times of kings at around 1514; with the prime quality wood that is used, these furniture will definitely stand the test of time.

The Antonovich dressing room interior wardrobe is a combination of the evolution of the century, the concept of this is to allow us to see the visionary minds of our designers and architects that creates spectacular rooms, fit to your personality and needs.

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